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Widescreen Monitors

The switch to HDTV and digital television station broadcasting this summer has all but killed the old 4:3 square TV and the CRT computer monitor. If you don’t believe me, just go to you tube and watch a video. The video will be in an automatic wide screen 16:9 format. The biggest benefit to having a widescreen monitor is that videos, pictures, and web content will look better, clearer, and won’t look squeezed as your monitor will be more compatible with the new aspect ratio everything is in.

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Just like TV’s moving to the widescreen only, computer monitors are also following the same trend. Movies have always been in widescreen because they can show more in the ratio than a square picture size and so it is with computer information and graphics. Another big push for monitors to change size is the world of video games. Video games are now all in 16:9 format and in high definition. In order to get the same experience on your computer games, you must have a 16:9 widescreen monitor to correctly show the graphics.

Another benefit is that the new widescreen monitors are usually LCD which means they are much thinner and are considered flat screens. Newer widescreen monitors only way a couple of pounds unlike the old CRT square monitors that used to way over 20 pounds and take up most of the desk.

The last and final benefit is the time that these monitors last. LCD and plasma screens have a life of 20 years! This is way longer than the old square CRT monitors, so its totally worth the money to switch!

Widescreen monitors can really be found at any electronics store. They can even be bought at stores like walmart for as little as $99 dollars. Here are a few deals going on at amazon.com for widescreen monitors.


Uncover the Technology of a Dual Monitor Video Card

Have you ever walked into someone’s home or office and noticed that they have two monitors hooked into one computer? Have you wondered how that worked? Well, with the new technology that has been developed over the years, computers are now able to operate more than one monitor; however, you must have the cards to go with it, not to mention that you have to have room in your computer for it. Anyway, how you are able to run two monitors off of one computer is through the use of a dual monitor video card.

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One of these cards will give you the technology that you need in order to set up two monitors, side-by-side on your desk. Can you imagine the possibilities that this could create for you? However, since the technology is somewhat “new”, there are still bugs that are being worked out. In any case, you will be able to find the perfect two monitor card that will work with your operating system. Manufacturers produce dual monitor video sofatwre for Microsoft, Linux, Mac, and more. So, the possibility is there for you to be able to run this high tech gadgetry.

Getting the technology that two screen cards have to offer to work properly seems to be a game of chance. It doesn’t necessarily work correctly in the beginning; however, with some fine tuning you can get the quality that you want. Some people will just have to install the specific two monitor card and hook up the second monitor, then reboot the system when done.; however, for others, it’s not that simple. At times, you may still be limited with this technology. One would think that while playing a game on one monitor that you could check your email on the other; however, there tends to a bug because in order to do so, the game will pause. But, if small bugs like this don’t seem like a big matter for you, then you should be good to go.

If you have noticed, computer systems are becoming cheaper and cheaper with every passing year. The theory behind the price reduction is that the monitors are getting cheaper. And, since the monitors are getting cheaper, the technology that goes with the monitors is getting cheaper, as well. What we would have had to pay several years ago for this technology could have been well over $1000. Nowadays, the dual monitor video card technology averages less than $300, making this option cheaper than it has ever been for you to take advantage of.

Microsoft and other corporations are still ironing out the kinks in their operating systems in order to get this technology easier to install and operate with their systems. As a matter of fact, Microsoft has promised to have the “cyber bugs” worked out with their Service pack 3, when it hits the market.

Dual monitor video cards can offer you a whole other level of computing, if you decide to take advantage of this technology like many other computer operators are.

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The Role of Golf Swing Launch Monitors and Improving Your Game

Golf swing launch monitors tend to play a rather important role in helping intermediate-level golf players and a number of advanced players, study the swing aspect of their games. The golf swing launch monitor equipment helps a golfer in determining why the path of a golf ball is the way it is depending on the golf swing that is placed on the golf ball. The gathered information can help a golfer change his/her swing or to find the right equipment for a greater level of accuracy when playing the game.

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Most golf swing launch monitors will collate the data which is compiled for more than a 100 swings and will make their analysis in order to provide players with the necessary details needed to improve. A lot of players, novice and professional alike, have seen the success that a golf ball launch monitor can provide. In turn, they have determined how to properly apply the information gathered by the launch monitor to achieve the desired trajectories for golf balls and a higher level of accuracy.

The beauty and the need for golf launch monitor software isn’t something you see simply from patronizing specialty shops which cater to professional golfers. You can see the importance and the presence of golf swing launch monitors in everything from the big sporting establishments to the smaller ones serving a variety of golf players. Any shop worth its salt is going to offer golf swing launch monitors of one kind of the other. They are in so much demand because your swing is a crucial aspect of your game and the right golf swing launch monitors and equipment can easily turn you into a highly-skilled golf player.

These monitors tend to help with a mix of a great launch angle as well as a backspin swing movement. They focus on turning the people who make use of such equipment into better golfers and swing and launch angle are not the only bits of information they provide. Any good launch swing program will provide at least the following information on a basic level: Ball Speed, Face Impact Position, Launch Angle, Club Head Speed, Flight Time and Yards Off Line.

Some programs even go further to provide averages of your shots in various areas and comparing them to give you the necessary details required to improve your game.

Golf swing launch monitors are usually part of a newer and complex system which also includes golf swing analyzer computer software. You can have a golf swing launch monitor as well as golf swing analyzer software as parts of a single system. Varying systems provide varying levels of accuracy but as you can probably imagine, those systems which provide the highest levels of accuracy, are usually those which are most sought after.

All you need is some assistance from your computer, golf swing analyzer computer software and golf swing launch monitor equipment and you will have the needed tools to become a success at your game and defeat those that may happen to cross your path in the game. Never before have tools provided a greater capacity for improvement as in the case of golf swing launch monitors and swing analyzer software.

The Difference Between 120 Hz From 60 Hz Monitor

As a gamer, aside from having a powerful gaming rig, how your game appears visually and how fast the monitor will bring in data from where it receives is also a big factor. Since the advent of 120 Hz monitors in the market, there had been numerous comparisons of its advantages and disadvantages with the traditional 60 Hz. Before we do comparing of both monitors, let’s have some definitions first as we will encounter these terms within the article.

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When we speak of Refresh Rate, it is simply the number of times in a split second the monitor will be able to direct data into the monitor from its source. Typically, TN and IPS panel monitors have the 60 Hz refresh rate.

Now, let’s compare 60 Hz from 120 Hz Monitor in terms of the following characteristics:

• Refresh Rate. The refresh rate of a 120 Hz surely can refresh the visuals you’ll see in your monitor twice as compared to the traditional 60 Hz refresh rate. Movies and/or games would typically run smoother with a best 120 Hz display. However, the quality of the images are not only dependent on the refresh rate, it will also be based on the quality and type of the media you are using.

• Price. Since 120 Hz monitors had gained fame with its twice power refresh rate, many consumers had been clamoring to buy such monitors, the simple principle of supply and demand applies here. And since there is an increase demand for 120 Hz, manufacturers shoot up their prices. Another factor for a more expensive 120 Hz from 60 Hz is that many manufacturers produce the best monitors in the market, which eventually tightens competition.

• 3D Video. Another feature that advances 120 Hz from 60 Hz display is its 3D capacity. Using an nVidia 3D Vision Kit, 3D viewing becomes a pleasurable experience as well as your gaming experience.

• Display Quality. There is actually no difference when it comes to display quality for both types of monitors. Although there had been numerous claims that 120 Hz monitors are better as it lessens the vertical alignments seen the in the monitor.

• Frame Rate. Frame rate for gamers is the number of times per second the image is refreshed. For games, generally it requires that there be at least 25 frames per second for you to have smooth play. However, for those with higher rig, the games may be able to have four to five times than the general frames per second.

Differentiating the monitor, 60 Hz from 120 Hz, from a simple standpoint may be done through some simple movements with your mouse. However, this may not be the case when you’re a gamer. As you can see from the comparisons, the best 120 Hz monitors are way better than a 60 Hz.

Why Multi Monitor Trading Computers Are Different Than Gaming Computers

Don’t make the same mistake that many other day traders have made and are continuing to make. Gaming computers should not be confused with day trading computers. The two are virtually different and should not be misconstrued. As a day trader, it is your duty to develop a trading computer setup that is built specifically for day trading. Whether this is your first computer setup or if you’re looking to update your current one, you can use these tips to avoid falling into a very common trap.

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Day Traders Need Real-Time Data, Not Immersive Graphics

When you think of a gaming computer, what comes to mind? For many, video games pop into mind, something that has nothing to do with day trading. Just as you wouldn’t buy cat food for a dog, buying a gaming system for day trading purposes makes no sense. Simply put, gaming PCs aren’t created for analyzing high frequency data. The main focus of gaming computers is to display immersive graphics, delivering an optimal gaming experience. If you’re serious about your day trading career, then you’re going to want to find a computer setup that is tailored for your own needs.

Computer Setups for Traders Should be Optimized for Four, Six or More Monitors

One major difference between gaming computers and trading computers is that one allows multiple monitors to be set up (and actually work efficiently for trading programs). Now, we’re not talking about two monitors, we’re talking four, six and even eight monitors being hooked up at once. Having multi monitor trading computers is a great way to stay on top of your game as a day trader. Gaming computers are centered around graphics speed, but day traders need systems that have plenty of processing headroom to run many charts and indicators. These tools are used by every day trader and require lots of processing power.

Stock Trading isn’t a “Game”

Every stock trader out there can agree that this industry is anything but a game. When you are dealing with real money, you want nothing but the best to help you manage it. Gaming computers are advertised as having lots of RAM, processing speeds and multiple hard drive slots, but they’re not guaranteed to offer day traders reliability. This is something that every professional in stock trading needs – consistency. Without it, your entire portfolio could flop and there’d be nothing you could do about it.


SUS VG248QE Monitor Review


The ASUS VG248QE Monitor adopts the latest ‘ROG SWIFT’ styling, with slender bezels. Its stand features the novel ‘Light In Motion’ red ring that surrounds the neck of the stand and the ROG motif too, as was evident on PG27AQ. It is also equipped with a joystick or JOG button that intuitively regulates the On Screen Display menu system. The stand of this monitor is adjustable, with swivel, tilt, pivot and height modes.

The ASUS VG248QE possibly incorporates the customary AU Optronics M240HW01 V8 as there is no suitable alternate. It comes with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, TN or Twisted Nematic panel type, as also a matte screen surface that handles glare effectively. With VG248QE, this is overclocked to an excellent 180Hz and in tandem with G-SYNC 30 to 80Hz), do away with tearing and stuttering from the rather conventional frame, as well as possible refresh rate mismatches on Nvidia GPUs.

There is also a WLED backlight with a typical maximum imbalance of 350 cd/m². All these go to make the monitor flicker-free also. By providing the gamers with a remarkable response time of 1ms, with the responsive and smoothest 1080p gaming around. The VG248QE monitor also comes with Asus’s GamePlus, that includes Display Alignment, timer, crosshair, FPS counter, along with GameVisual technologies that let the gamer preset six display modes.According to ASUS, the ASUS PG248Q is specifically designed for professional eSports gamers, and gaming enthusiasts, to serve them with exceptional innovation and performance. The PG278Q targeted at a very specific gaming crowd who are looking for fluid visuals on this beast of a gaming monitor, with an incredible 144 Hz refresh rate and a response time 1 ms. The avid gamer can even choose his or her favorite refresh rates, by means of a Turbo key that enables one-click switching among the 60,120, and 144 Hz display options. This helps in achieving a smaller form factor meant to bring down the duration of time, for the eyes move across the display screen.

ASUS has come out with the information that its ROG Swift PG248Q is to be the Official Monitor for a few of the world’s largest and most prestigious e-sports events, such as the ESL One 2016 as well as the International 2016.


A professional gaming enthusiast cannot look for a better gaming monitor than the ASUS VG248QE, for all his gaming needs, as it is considered the topmost monitor in the entire world.