Options When Choosing Your Next Computer Monitor

When you are thinking of purchasing a new monitor for your computer you have a few options to consider. Where will you place your monitor? Many computer desks have limited space thinking ahead can save you much grief before your purchase. To help you visualize the table space needed for your new monitor try cutting out some cardboard squares of varies sizes and place them on your table top to help give you a better idea of the space you have available. For connectivity, you need to know what type of monitor your computer’s video card can support. If you are a gamer make sure you get a monitor with a 5 ms (millisecond) or less response time, and for a crisper picture, the lower the dot pitch value the better. Consider checking out any forums about your favorite game to make use the monitor you are thinking about lives up to your expectations.

Image result for gaming monitor samsung

When you are in the computer store get familiar with all the buttons on the monitor and what they do. Review any manuals prior to your purchase to avoid any frustrations.

The option of having a huge screen is really nice but in most cases you are working at your computer within arms length or approximately 3 feet or less. Having a monster screen can be make text hard to read if you are always this close. A good way to see if a large monitor is for you is sit in front of your TV depending how big it is. An additional expense of a graphic card may be needed to allow the monitor to display correctly.

If gaming is not an issue and your computer has an extra video slot you may look at having two or more computer monitors. Many operating systems now allow multiple monitors. This option will extend your desktop and give the appearance of more space for your icons and programs.

If your available tabletop space only allows a small monitor don’t despair. An alternative to consider is to change the resolution of your screen size which will increase the desktop screen space to allow more icons on your screen. If you run many programs at the same time try looking at multi-page monitor software. This is an excellent option with a smaller monitor that can enhance your viewing experience by giving the appearance of multiple screens with just a click of your mouse. Each screen shot only shows the programs you want to see. This allows you to focus on only the programs that you are current using.

In this article you now have a better understanding of your choices regarding your next computer monitor purchase.

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