Widescreen Monitors

The switch to HDTV and digital television station broadcasting this summer has all but killed the old 4:3 square TV and the CRT computer monitor. If you don’t believe me, just go to you tube and watch a video. The video will be in an automatic wide screen 16:9 format. The biggest benefit to having a widescreen monitor is that videos, pictures, and web content will look better, clearer, and won’t look squeezed as your monitor will be more compatible with the new aspect ratio everything is in.

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Just like TV’s moving to the widescreen only, computer monitors are also following the same trend. Movies have always been in widescreen because they can show more in the ratio than a square picture size and so it is with computer information and graphics. Another big push for monitors to change size is the world of video games. Video games are now all in 16:9 format and in high definition. In order to get the same experience on your computer games, you must have a 16:9 widescreen monitor to correctly show the graphics.

Another benefit is that the new widescreen monitors are usually LCD which means they are much thinner and are considered flat screens. Newer widescreen monitors only way a couple of pounds unlike the old CRT square monitors that used to way over 20 pounds and take up most of the desk.

The last and final benefit is the time that these monitors last. LCD and plasma screens have a life of 20 years! This is way longer than the old square CRT monitors, so its totally worth the money to switch!

Widescreen monitors can really be found at any electronics store. They can even be bought at stores like walmart for as little as $99 dollars. Here are a few deals going on at amazon.com for widescreen monitors.


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