The World of Computer Monitors

The choice of the right monitor is very important. There are many, many different models on the market that differ extremely in size, shape, features, and price. However, the experience of the users when it comes to their computer monitors, also differ remarkably.

Image result for Gaming Computer

On one hand, there are gamers and movie users. For them, the monitor must be able to play movies and actual video games without problems. Since the quality of the picture depends on how fast the monitor can show a movement, a short delay is a key feature for them. On the other hand, there are web designers and professional photo and movie editors. For them, the colour fidelity and the high angle view is the most important feature. The hardcore gamers and the professional users are two different groups of users that want different high quality monitors. Another group of users is comparing prices and extra features like USB hubs, included web cameras and other extra-features.

Before choosing a new monitor, one should find an answer to each of the three different questions concerning the size, the panel and the resolution of the new TFT monitor. The easiest and most individual choice is the size of the computer monitor, since it should fit to your desk. The resolution is also a very important factor for a new monitor. For an optimal result, the monitor should always run in its native resolution. Any up- or downscaling will automatically result in a loss of picture quality. Therefore, HD content should be always shown on a monitor with the same resolution. In contrast, for hardcore games, a high screen resolution automatically means a higher computational need, since much more graphical details should be displayed. The used panel type has an important influence on the price therefore it mostly depends on the later usage. Professional users do need a better panel with a higher view angle and an accurate colour reproduction. For private users, the better panel is usually not necessary.

However, this procedure will still lead to a high number of possible computer monitors. Most of the recent consumer models are sold in wide screen version. The final decision is usually a personal choice of the buyer. In general, one should check the monitor in order to see the differences between the models. Also extra-features can have an influence on the possible customer. Some manufacturers include a so-called pivot function in their monitors, this means that you can turn the monitor by 90 degrees and have a look from a different angle at very long documents. In other models a TV-Tuner is included. In that case, the monitor becomes the centre of your home entertainment system.

Another very important aspect of computer monitors is the connectors. Most models have still the older DSUB input but almost every recent model has at least one digital video input (DVI or HDMI). Not only that using the digital input yields in better pictures, it also ensures a higher compatibility to future PC updates. If you have more than one digital input you can use your computer monitor for another external device like DVD player or game console.


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